'Are You A Good Catch?' by Shel Design

I've been realising more and more that business relationships have many comparisons to personal relationships - and are often as complicated! I've come up with a list of ‘relationship questions’ to work out if your business is a ‘good catch’: vol48_catching_ball
  • What first impression does my business make? Does it catch the eye of potential clients or does it blend in with the crowd?
  • Is my business attractive to potential clients? Is it ‘well dressed’/well presented?
  • What values does my business project to potential clients? Are those values consistent across all my business activities? Does my business express those values clearly from the outset in all it does?
  • How well does my business ‘woo’ potential clients? Does it give an impression of confidence and trust?
  • How does my business foster ongoing relationships? Does my business communicate regularly?
  • Are all my clients treated with respect? Does this show in all the ways my business interacts with clients?
  • How are ‘relationship problems’ dealt with (i.e. complaints)? Am I committed to solving issues in a timely and sensitive manner?
  • Are ‘anniversaries’/milestones celebrated with clients?
Just like in personal relationships, it can be difficult to objectively answer these questions, because we can have an impression of ourselves (good or bad!) that may not be entirely accurate. What we THINK we are projecting might be very different to how people perceive us. A savvy person would ask their best friends to give them honest feedback about how they ’come across - not always an easy thing to do. But for anyone who really wants to improve their chances of ‘relationship success’, it can be a fruitful exercise. So too in business, asking for objective opinions about your business is extremely valuable, even if it may be hard to hear! My suggestion: ask a range of people the above questions about your business. Choose people who know your business well and some who have little knowledge of your business. Although not everyone can answer all the questions, you'll get some really interesting and valuable feedback. And in the words of Zig Ziglar: “You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself.” Michelle Grice (Shel Design) www.sheldesign.com.au